áutor||iai, dkt. (1) [lot. auctōrēs] asmenys, kurie savo pastangomis sukuria prieš tai neegzistavusį originalų daiktą ar reiškinį: ~iai sugalvojo šį apibrėžimą.

autoriai – independent in our thoughts, interdisciplinary in our works. We’re interested in the ideas that generate change upon the lives of people and the advertising industry. Such solutions are often risky, however only they can uncover the true creativity of the authors.
A strong insight is the basis of any new creative work. Later, anything can be turned into good advertising and communication if it helps to position the brand’s uniqueness and other qualities in an interesting and effective way.
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Lithuanian fund for nature, 2019
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UAB „Kūrybiniai komunikacijos sprendimai“
J. Basanavičiaus g. 2,
LT-01118 Vilnius